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How to disconnect the rear A/C blend door actuator?


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December 3, 2011
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2002 Explorer Limited
Getting ready to do the rear blend door repair tomorrow. I've looked over removing the panels to gain access. There is a pillar trim panel above the front of the rear quarter holding it in place. Does this panel have to be unclipped? The only reason I ask is because it has an airbag tag on it and I'd prefer not to mess with it if it involves disconnecting the airbag. Thanks! Other than that it seems pretty straightforward.

You do have to remove the door pillar trim panel. It is tricky to remove without breaking the pin that it attaches to at the top on the front side. Both sides on mine are now missing that pin. You have to lift up and out at the same time but the bottom holds it in so when you pop the bottom out the upper pin wants to break. It fits back in without it so it isn't too big of a deal. You don't have to mess with the air bag at all, it is not actually attached to the panel and is located above the panel.
Good luck!