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How to: Door / Dome Light Switch Replacement

Jason c

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February 14, 2010
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Portland, OR
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2000 Limited 5.0L
Since I couldn't find a walk through for the 95-01 on changing the door switch, I decided to make my own. This may no be identical to yours, but this is how I did mine. This was on my driver's side door.

Tools needed:
-Philips screw driver
-Small standard screw driver
Time: 15-20min

First you will need to remove the two Philips screws located just above the inner door handle.

Then using the small standard screw driver, carefully pry the side of the handle cover up.

To remove this cover, you will need to hold the handle open.

Now you are ready to start with the panel itself. It is held on by little plastic clips around the bottom and sides of the panel. I like to start on the rear lower corner. Gently pull it out with your hand. Once the clip comes out, you will be able to see the next clip, and just work your way around the outer edge until all the clips are out.

The top of the panel has a hook built into it. You will need to lift the panel up before you can pull it off. I start on the top rear of the panel and lift there.

The handle and switch panel will slide out the back of the panel toward the door.

Depending on the trim level you may have two plugs, mirrors and memory seats, that will need to be unplugged using your small standard screwdriver.

You panel is now ready to come off.

Your switch is located out by the latch. You can see mine up near the top of the latch.

Now you may have one of two switches. A double blade switch or a single with a separate ground wire. I have the single on mine. Here they are side by side.


To remove the old switch, you will need to unplug the wires from it and remove the one philips screw in it. Then twist the switch a quarter turn and it will pull right out. Here is my broken one next to the new one.

Here is what it looks like with the switch removed.

Install the new switch. I found it easier to plug the wire in before putting the switch in. Here is the new one installed with the wires on.

Just reinstall everything in reverse order of taking it apart. How this will help some of you that didn't have any luck with the WD40 trick.

Great post helped me alot.
I have the same problem with my 2000 Explorer where did you find the Dome Light Switch ? How much did it cost and do you know the part number?

Mine was broken in the same location. I removed mine and decided to see if I was able to glue it back together. Used Loctite Epoxy Plastic Bonder. I figured well it doesn't work now what did I have to lose. I let it setup for about 45 min and reinstalled. Works great don't know how long it will last only time will tell. I don't know if info will help anyone but on the part was Rollak E1VB 14018-AA.

I actually found mine on ebay. I scrolled through them looking at the pics until I saw one with the right plug on it.

Thanks for the info Jason c I'll keep a lookout for one just in case the repair fails. Your pic's helped me alot. Thanks again.