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How To: Door Speaker Replacement


July 7, 2012
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Amarillo Texas
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2007 XLT 4x4.
I did a lot of searching and could not find a good write up on installing speakers in my 2007 Sport Trac. So I took pictures as I went in the hopes of creating a comprehensive guide.

Before I started:
I ended up not using the foam buckets....they were too deep!


First steps are to pull off the handle cover:
There are (2) 7mm Screws that need to be removed behind it.

Then pull off the window switch cover:
There are (2) 7mm Screws that need to be removed behind it.
This part sucked, it felt like I was going to break it, but gently apply pressure at the connection points and it will give. I also learned to make sure all the metal fasteners are in the door panel during reassembly as this will make it easier to reattach it when you are done.


Here are the covers removed for reference:

Remove final (2) 7mm Screws at the bottom of the door.

DO NOT PULL DOOR PANEL OUT, you must slide it upward to release it from the door. There are no PUSH PEGS in the connection between the door and the door panel.

Now remove all the wires, all of these are a pinch-release style.

The hardest part is removing the door latch cable. I was not able to get a good shot of this but I found the easiest way was using a pair of needle-nose vice grips that I gradually set the tension on the black clips on either side of the cable retainer until it released from the door panel. Once it is free you can rotate the cable down and remove it from the pivot.


Here it is door panel removed before install of speakers.

Comparison between stock speakers and infinity 6832’s
I cheated and used ford cable adapters, I just didn’t feel like cutting and crimping. Plus if I sell this truck in the future pulling these speakers back out will be a lot easier.

Remove the stock speakers by removing the (4) 6mm Screws

New Speakers installed:

Rear doors are the same procedure vice two differences. There is only one screw at the bottom of the door panel, and you must remove the upper panel shown below in order to remove the door panel.

The upper panel is held by two push clips so just pull to remove the top portion and then slide upwards.


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Later this week will be a Alpine Power Pack install.
Sony XAV-64bt HU install
Sub Install.

Let me know if you guys way write-ups on these.

Just cause.... my GSD Abbey after my daughter sticker attacked her:

I like it.

I watched a video on You Tube about a gen1 having the speakers replaced but didn't quite know how different it would be for the gen2 ST.

Looking forward to the rest of the install.


great write up!.
Did you also replace the HU with aftermarket?
I upgraded the speakers on an '04 Ex, but I had the cheapo stock radio and the new aftermarket speakers did help; i could adjust the treble and bass to make it sound good. Later I bought an audiophile and added the sub and it wasn't' the case. With a stock HU Audiophile and new speaker the sound wound up coming out bright, sorta drowned out the Sub. . .

thanks for the nice writeup! if you have the powerpack installed yet let us know what you think...

Fantastic how-to!


Useful write up - thanks :)

Just put the exact same speakers in my Adrenalin - was thrown off when I noticed my front doors don't have handles like the rears but it's just a step to skip.


Nice guide very helpful. Want to know what size speakers are the aftermarket ones?