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HOW TO: find vacuum problem with AC for 2005


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April 17, 2011
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Orchard Park, N.Y.
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'05 Explorer XLT 4.0L
My air & heat has stopped blowing from my vents but still works fine from the floor and defrost. What can cause this and how can I fix it. If you have a diagram or picture of the fix, please attach that also.
I had the EGR replaced 4 days ago and this happened 2 days ago. Could they be related somehow?
I have heard that it's the vacuum or the lines but how do i find these.
I'm a visual person so please send PICS or a diagram......PLEASE!!:help:

I don't have any pics to give you, but "BigRondo" does, regarding the behind the dashboard vacuum connections for the vent selector controls. If I were you, I would start with the area of the EGR valve on top of the passenger side of the engine, since that is where they worked recently and then your problem started. Might have cracked a vacuum hose or forgot to re-install one. Or take it back to shop that did the repair and tell them what started to happen just after they worked on it. They should look at it for you for free. Don't know a lot about the EGR valve. There is a vacuum line connection point behind your dash that you can access thru your glove box. Look for 5 or 6 different colored small vacuum lines plugged into a series of ports by the firewall. If they didn't work anywhere behind the dash, then I wouldn't look there till you rule out the engine compartment near the EGR valve. Good luck. BTW, yes, the problem could be related to the EGR valve, since it is connected to a vacuum line. Just checked in my manual to be sure. A vacuum leak could cause your vent selector problems.