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How to finish my new front bumper


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March 26, 1999
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I picked up one of those front receiver tube bumpers from Duff the other day, while they had a "moving sale" going on. They just moved to Tennessee, in case people didn't know. I clamped it together in the garage tonight and it's nice looking. It's bare tube, and I still need to weld it together (light bar to the main tube part). Question is, what do I paint/coat it with? I wanted to rattle can and throw it on the truck tonight so bad I could taste it... But I plan to beat the hell out of it, so I want something durable. Anyone ever line-x a bumper like this?



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well I wanted to powder coat mine, but I realized I would be adding on to them later
AND I have seen alot of PC bumpers show signs of rust, especially where welds are
So I just use the Duplicolor spray on bed liner.
It chips off semi easy, but repair is simple every 6 months or so with a drill and wire wheel and touch up spray,
It works pretty good on these bumpers IMO



From what I have seen a nice paint job looks great too but it will also require some maintenence
Enamel looks good

Prep is everything no matter what covering you use

I used RhinoLiner and coated an entire Jeep CJ8 a few years ago. I had people asking me for months where I had it done and where they could get it done to their new trucks!!

Use a bedliner thats tough as nails for best results and maximum rust resistance:thumbsup:

I sprayed on a can of epoxy paint from Rustoleum. The paint is normally used for kitchen appliances and is only available in a few colors (white, black, and about two others). I single coated most of the bumper but did 2 coats where the weld joints are and sprayed them very heavily.



Thanks for the info guys. I think I'll go ahead and rattle can it with some heavy stuff like duplicolor or rustoleum.


wow mr whack that truck is coming along very nicely
Love the front end protection and winch cradle

Screw a press bar, I'll just bench my bumper. Woot!