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How to fix fuel line quick disconnect?


October 6, 2010
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Replacing fuel filter, forward end disconnected fine, but when the rear disconnected, these small pieces fell out:


1. blue o-ring
(as you can see it broke, but for sake of my question assume I can find a new one)
2. thin hard (metal or fiber) ring
3. 1/4" wide metal ring

3 is to the outside of the connector, if put in it looks like the good (forward) one.
1 would be after it
Can't see 2 on the good one, so it must be deepest inside.

So if I put them on the new filter like this


and shove it in (I can see the the "tabs" look okay) would that be okay?

Or , if this is ruined, what are my options? Looks like flex hose for less than a foot, then swaged onto metal fuel line. Could I cut off the end about 18" from a junkyard car's rear line, then connect (how ?) the metal lines? would I have to get the whole rear line (was getting dark so didn't even look to see how long/where it goes)?

TIA for any thoughts ...

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You answered so fast, I realized I had them on the filter nipple in reverse order. The photo is now correct.

I think the 'lock in clip" is what I meant by the "tabs" - they are still there, closest to the outside. But I'll try shoving it in like in the photo (with a new o-ring) but if that doesn't work I'll get the ones in your link.

Another question - with the new fuel filter I got 2 things which looked like these:

What are they for? Old filter didn't have anything like that.

You are missing the retaining spring which fits inside the end of the fuel line.


You can see how the parts are ordered in this one.


I would replace the o-ring with one made for fuel lines because all plastics might not resist gasoline the same. Below are links to the o-ring and retaining spring.


Retaining spring

The two clips that came with your new fuel filter were likely intended to replace the metal retaining clips which slide over the disconnects because they tend to rust away. One of which is shown in the right side of both photos.

Okay, here's the solution for me.

My locking clip was still inside and undamaged, so I didn't have to mess with that.

While moving the line, a second o-ring fell out.

So I put them all in this order on the filter nipple, deepest first:
thin ring
1/4" wide ring

In other words, if the second o-ring had not fallen out but remained inside, my photo above with the filter nipple with everything on it was correct.

Just shoved it in, had to play with it a little to get it in far enough to click in.

All fine now. Thanks for the replies!

Cool. Check that connection when it gets cold outside because the rubber will shrink a little and with that crack in the o-ring it could leak. That's how the Challenger went down.

I used a new o-ring. Got the Dorman ones in your link, but got them at OReillys, only $6. I hope nobody ever considers using a broken o-ring.