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How To: Ford Ranger Body Mounts and 1" Puck lift


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..I'm posting this with limited time and bandwidth so this post should be complete within the week..;)

..This modification included doing both, new body mounts and a 1" puck lift at the same time on my 95 standard cab Ranger..

...After getting back from Moab and being able to flex out the Ranger with it's now 33 inch tires, it was evident I need just a hair more room to tuck the tires in the wheel wells without cutting them on the fenders..

..Well that, and getting ready to install the Atlas made it a perfect time to do this mod..This 1" puck lift is also common when installing most any doubler too into the Ford Rangers for clearance..

..Here is a link to the discussion which led up to this modification..

Disclaimer: This is just what I did and how I did it...Do so at your own risk..:eek:


..The Pucks..

..The first thing I needed were some 1" pucks and after some discussion of Hockey pucks, body lift pucks/spacers, and even sloped lifts with some different options (all mentioned in above posted thread) I decided on making my own Aluminum pucks..:hammer:

..So off to the steelyard I went...I found a scrap section of solid 3" Aluminum stock there and had the yard cut me 13 of these 1" pucks on their bandsaw which cost me a total of $44..


..Then I headed over to a buddy of mines machine shop to purdy up the pucks..:burnout:

..I needed to drill some 1/2" holes in the center of the pucks so a Lathe would make this job effortless on centering and holding the pucks..


...And then I decided to chamfer the new hole to deburr it, take the edge off the hole, and when dropping a bolt into this new hole, it would make it easier to drop the bolt into the hole..

..This picture shows the puck after it had been drilled and flipped around showing the "Blowout" on the other side..This also shows the chamfer bit..


..and the finished drilled and chamfered puck..


..And since I had the use of the whole shop I decided what the heck...I headed over to the belt sander and purdy'd them up even more..I took and chamfered the outer edge and also sanded the pucks to make them all shiny for pictures..:biggthump



..The Body Mounts..

..Next I needed to find some Body Mounts for my Ranger..

...I was pretty sure Daystar carried them but after finding out in a recent purchase from them that they are not "Made in the USA" as advertised..

..I elected to go with Prothane which happens to be made in the USA locally by me..:salute:

..I ordered up P/N 6-106 and this is their picture but it is the exact parts that were shipped in a tiny box..


..This is the instruction sheet that came with the body mounts..


..The Ford instructions..


..and the Ford Diagram which proved useful on deciding what tools would be needed for removing the existing body mounts..;)


..My scribbling of a cheat sheet..:scratch:...:D


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...and some other stuff..:confused:

What happened to this thread??im doing the same thing but with 1/2" pucks..ive ordered the same kit (6-106-BL) but like your pictures there is only 6 mounts(12 pieces) in the appears to be for the bed only?? I count 12 mounts or 24 pieces. ...where can i get the 4 cab mounts and 2 front radiator mounts??

Was there pictures in post 2 and 3?? If so i cant see them

..There are 6 body mounts on a Ranger and they are only on the Cab.

The bed actually bolts directly to the frame so whenever you do a body lift you need to add for the bed.

Here is a link to the album with all of the pictures, 58 total..

Aww i could have swore that about the bed and swore i only seen 4 mounts for the cab and 2 out front..these blocks dont look anything like the mounts on the cab though. .ill have to look at the pictures and my truck again

From your pictures it appears the new blocks were much larger than the stock ones..did you have any issues with the bed not lining up??did you have to add any extra height to your aluminum blocks on the bed??

..Nope...New blocks are direct replacements for the stock other than the material..The old rubber mounts had just been beat down from age and wheeling but were still in kinda good shape..:)

The aluminum pucks I made are the lift which is 1". I added this 1" puck lift for clearance of my 33" tires while flexing and room for the Atlas transfer case to the floorboard, otherwise I would have had to massage the floor with a BFH..:hammer:

The shot of the bed and cab alignment shows the bed not lifted yet and the new body mounts and pucks already had been installed on the cab. That shows the 1" difference..;)


Excellent. .the new block just looked bigger and assumed the old ones had been smashed..i was just wondering since the bed mounts to frame and had no bushings if things still aligned up..

My bed and cab line up perfect but my cab bushings are pretty smashed and cracked. .if i just replaced my cab only bushings it would not align with the bed no have to shim the bed to align, or at least it looks that way

...You should be fine but that is why you do the cab first..;)

..After all was said and done, mine aligned just perfect and I swore it wouldn't during installation and I was sweating it, as I had already made the 1" pucks..

Yea thats exactly why I'm sweating. I was going to cut the parts out on my plasma table and didn't want to have to do it twice

Hi Ted, I was going to do this when I put 33" tires on my Ranger. However, I found out I only had to bend the mud flap brackets a little to get clearance at full turn. I have been in some pretty rough stuff with quite a bit of articulation with no rubbing. I guess I got lucky. I did raise the front about 1.5" with a torsion bar crank. That probably helped a lot.

...I have the chevy 63" rear leafs and they center the tire a hair forward which was actually enough to eat the fender a bit more...That and the 33x 12.50's..

..I could have pulled the bed sides with a block of wood and also pushed the brackets out but my bed is tearing in a couple spots from over flexing it so the pucks were just more convenient and I didn't have to hammer on the floorboard for the Atlas to fit easily and have room to move..:D

I went with 33x10.5" tires. If I would have gone with the 12.5" wide tires, I would have needed the body lift.