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How to: Headlight Restore/HID/Subwoofer replacement


January 26, 2011
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Adel, Ga
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'04 ST Adrenalin
I'm about to restore my headlights from their slightly hazy appearance, replace my factory subwoofer with an aftermarket amp/sub, and install 4300K HID headlights.

As soon as the weather allows I'll start my few projects. I've done a few headlight restorations and the product I use is amazing! Saves having to buy new headlights.

What do you guys think of three separate write ups on theses? With plenty of pictures and directions. Opinions? Comments?

always done to see a new write-up even though there are already some on these topics but a new way/opinion/style is always great to get ideas from! i should probably do some write ups of my installs :)

The headlights wont be too hard after you get a buffer and some Mothers restoration supplies. The sub/amp will be up to you and how loud/hard you want it to hit.