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How To: Installing trans temp guage


Jack from JackOffRoad
August 26, 2004
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West Virginia
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1993 2dr
I installed my trans temp guage a couple weeks ago and thought since I had the pictures that I would walk through how I installed it.

First you need to select the type of guage you want to install, where you are going to install it, and how you are mounting your guage. For my install I chose an autometer Z series black face electronic trans temp guage and PN 15309 a-pillar pod.


For my install I needed 3/8" trans oil hose, some 14 guage wire, i used fuel injection t-bar clamps, thread sealant..


a brass NPT t-fitting, not pictured are 3/8" hose NPT fittings


I read thread after thread of other installs where the sending unit was mounted in one of the return lines after the cooler or radiator. I wanted to know the temp of the fluid coming out of the transmission so i mounted my sender to the outlet line of the trans below the radiator shroud.


If you put your sender in line and are using hose to join the metal lines you WILL need to run a ground from the brass T. Ground the sender off and then run a power wire from the tip of the sender up to the guage. you will also need to run a 12v switched power wire to the guage along with a ground for the guage, a ground for the lamp, and a switched power wire to the lamp.


I ran the wiring for the guage through the firewall along with the wiring for my factory fog light switch i installed. not pretty i know, but it gets cleaned up later.


Luckily I found some Krylon Fusion that was 'close' to the same color as my interior. After painting the pod test fit the guage and check your wire length. I originally had the pod 3m taped to the pillar so I used a dremel to round out the back of the pod to run my wiring because i did not want to drill my a-pillar. Well the tape lasted 2 mins and then fell off so i drilled the pod and pillar and fastened them together with barbed push pins.


The location of the pod is great because it does not obstruct view of the road. At night though, there is a glare on the windshield and on foggy nights the guage sometimes fogs up so i will be wiring a switch inline with the power wire to the lamp to be able to turn it off when not needed. IMO this is much easier than running the wire thru the dimmer.

Hope this helps other in their install of pillar and/or trans guages.

- Jack

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where did you get the pillar pod from, id like one for 2 or 3 guages, and havent been able to find one.

did you flare the metal cooling lines were you sliced in the rubber hose,also any news on the temp data for your truck ?

I like it.

I always like installs that look clean and professional (something I've never been able to accomplish, lol)

Look good.

Nice install.

thanks Al. its always nice to get good feedback on a job. i need to re-evaluate how i spliced into the hard line of the trans, theres some seeping.

did you flare the metal cooling lines were you sliced in the rubber hose,also any news on the temp data for your truck ?

the lines are double clamped now, but not flared. like i was saying above i need to work the connections a little better.

as far as temps go, heres a quick rundown:

around town w/stop and go traffic: 150-180
highway trips: 130-150 depending on ambient air temp
hard driving, mountains, carrying a load, or high ambient air temps: 180-200

oh.. btw.. thanks josh. i use to hastily work on projects which left them looking kinda 'ghetto' but ive been gaining pride and confidence in my work and that helps me appreciate a clean well installed job.

hmmm, i wonder what mine runs at since i changed from a 195 f to a 198 f (oem) thermo stat ? i know it must have made my heater core give way last month because of the extra system pressure....could be wrong tho .

btw ... i liked the install and the guage pod you selected ,that Krylon Fusion is some good stuff ... i just did my mirrior's and lower valance and the plastics on the hatch ( hinges,handle,turn knob) in gloss black.

Looks awesome:thumbsup:

Has anyone ever installed the sensor itself into the tranny?

Nice write up and good install. I love the pod... mine guage looks a little more ghetto. My temps run about the same. I think I am going to add a cooling fan on my tranny cooler though. The other day a pile of snow got in front of my cooler blocking airflow and my temp went from 120 to 160 and still climbing. I pulled over removed the snow, and back down to 120-130 at 75mph.