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how to lift my explorer?


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January 21, 2011
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Clackamas, OR
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91 XLT
i want a 2-3 inch lift on my 91 XLT
ive thought about doing the add a leaf and spacers from or going with warrior shackles and f150 front coils but i dont know how to do the shackles and coils
what do you think?

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For a simple and cheap lift I would recommend going with shackles and aal in the rear and f150 coil spacers or skyjacker 2" lift springs for the front. If you do some looking around there is how to threads on all of these.

I could be wrong but in terms of lift I am not sure if f150 coils are the best way to go

Wright you sound like me 2 months ago when i first found this site,thats the same answer i was looking for a boy let me tell you i spent hours if not days(had a pissed off wife)looking for the down falls on a cheap 2 inch lift or get a nice one...long story short i just got my hands on my first explorer its a 94 xlt 4x4 with 172,000.i was dying to stick a lift and 31s on it in one day and i did..With lots of peoples help from this site i went the coil spacers and warrior shackles and i didnt even spend 200 and that includes the beer and can promise its really easy(so easy my 5 year old son helped me).it took me i would say all but 2 hours.SO in the long run i spent 200 for a set of 31x10.50.15 and i would say 175 on the lift so for $375 it was the best i could ever do...PLEASE people keep in mind this is my first 4x4 truck

pics will follow soon i even video taped the hole this for a buddy of mine over seas..once i get off my lazy a** and become a memeber soon to follow..this is the best site i have found in years by the way

ive spent alot of time on here looking on how to lift it.
thanks every one for the inputs
im gonna go with the shackles and aal in the rear and the f150 coil spacers

:salute: One of you can put pictures of these "f150 coil spacers"


There will be a 4" Tough Country lift for sale soon. It's currently on a parts rig in Onalaska Wa.

Brackets (pivot drop and RA drop)
Leaf springs may be spoken for.

I haven't set a price yet, still thinking about what I want to keep from this rig.