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how to protect exhaust system from rust

January 10, 2011
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In order to protect from rust, I am going to paint the bottom of the car. I am told, under the bottom of the car, the only thing I can not paint is exhaust system. However, the exhaust tube do start to have rust already. What am I going to do? Just watch the whole exhaust system die?


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I belive you can paint the exhaust, just use high heat resistant paint. I used some on headers before, it worked all right, I probably could have done a better prep job. It is better than nothing. Just curious why someone told you that you cant paint the exhaust?

You could install a stainless steel exhaust system if it eventually rusts.

The only way is to install a stainless steel exhaust.

That is so bad. There are a lot of anti rust spray in the market, at least I can spray those things. But, they are all combustive. I am worrying, the car will catch fire one day. I could be killed.

The exhaust system is working on a very high temperature - especially between the block and cat's. That's why rust so badly.
Some (hi-end) cars have stainless steel mufflers, exhaust tips... But stainless steel is hard to work in shapes and expensive.
There are some resins that are resistent to high temperatures (up to 1200F), but the pipe will rust from inside out because of the combustion gases (contain water vapors).

Dont bother painting the exhaust.