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How to rebuild cv style cardone ( front drive shaft )


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December 21, 2012
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1997 Mercury Mountaineer
Well, I did it... myself!:D

I followed the instructions in this

I will advise, thought, that you get all of the specialty tools needed such as the band clamp tool listed in the video and use a snap ring pliers!

I tried getting around these two tools only to extend my time from what should have been about 30 minutes to 3 hours! And, I ended up really frustrated, stabbing myself in the finger twice with a small screwdriver, getting smacked in the face by the drive shaft while installing it, going back and forth to O'reilly's for substitute tools, destroying the band clamp, trying to use a hose clamp instead (NOTE: DO NOT TRY TO USE A HOSE CLAMP FOR THE BOOT. IT WILL NOT WORK. THE MECHANISM GETS IN THE WAY OF THE JOINT AND IT WILL GET DESTROYED!!:eek:) -- victory: I was able to use a clamp from a Quick Boot cv joint boot kit although this clamp was a little small and was the reason for doubly impaling my finger --, having to go to the bathroom while trying to fix this thing, missing dinner, getting cold working outside at 10 pm, and generally kicking myself in the butt for not spending the extra 30 - 40 bucks for the right tools.

Other than this, it went well.:)

I did not take any pics because i was not in the mood. You can probably see why..

But the video is good. As far as the grease cap at the end, the video doesnt really answer any questions on how to install it. I looked at mine real hard and realized that it needed to be evenly pressed into place. I figured I could just get it in there by hand the best I can and then install the shaft torquing the bolts a little at a time and that would press it in -- that seems to have worked as I have AWD now and have put about 60 miles and no sign of grease at all. I will keep tabs on it.

By the way, the drive shaft shop advised my to use hi temp grease and really pack it full. I did not do this because of being cheap but I thought I would include that in this write up. I just used the grease in the kit... ALL OF IT!

Also, the new bolts that come in the kit should work, the reason, I found, that they seem too short is that the joint is press fit together and comes apart with a gentle tap from a hammer. Once you reassemble the joint you will realize that it must be pressed together. This is easily accomplished by just installing the shaft and slowly torquing the screws to squeeze it all together. Now, because of this the distance from one end of the joint to the other is longer than when all pressed together and the bolts in the kit wont reach all the way throught the joint. I actually was missing one of the original 6 bolts and just used the 5 old ones then I thought "I wonder if the shorter ones in the kit would work?" - well, it did.

I got the cardone from Ed Moore Drivelines at 465 South Sierra Way IN San Bernardino, Ca (909) 888-9859 for $85 plus tax. I walked in and he had two on the shelf and says he keeps them stocked as he is getting more requests for them. He would have charged me about $60 to install the joint but I am CHEAP! I had to do it myself.

At the end of the day, I would do this job again myself. It really was not that hard to do. Just follow the steps in the video. Now it's time to get some 31's and get out on the trails!

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What prompted the rebuild in the first place??

Ed Moore was once an auto parts customer of mine. Old thread, new life.

Popped my caps off and had DUST !! only just under 5,000 on a reman driveshaft from Pep Boys. Think i'll be doing the rebiuld myself in the future