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How To Remove Front Window Regulator '03 Explorer


November 18, 2007
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03 Explorer 4.0L 4x4


I had to remove my passenger window regulator because one of the cables decided to act up and jumped the pulley. After I took it apart I found that the cables and the cable drum were fried. Time for a new assembly since I can't find anywhere that sells individual components. It's late December and I live in northern Montana so having a window partway down for a few weeks was not an option so I had to improvise. I cut off the worst part of the cable (of course it would be the one that pulls the window down so any shortening of that cable means that the regulator doesn't have enough cable to let the window go back into the fully shut position). Put the whole assembly back together and cut two adapters/extenders (heavy gauge metal strapping) and bolted them between the window and the regulator tabs. These extensions made up for the couple of inches that the regulator was short on cable. I was able to get the regulator to fully shut the window and then disconnected the motor wiring clip so that no one would "accidentally" try to lower the window again until I get a new one and install it.

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