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How to: Remove Gen II interior panels

Joe Dirt

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October 4, 2007
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Figured we needed up a writeup...

Front doors:

Remove the trim caps from around the door handles (makes it easier to remove the panel from around the handles)


Remove the (2) phillips screws from behind the door pull


Pry panel away from the truck to release the push-in connectors from the side and the bottom edge.


Lift up on the edge by the door lock indicator. If yours hasn't been off before, it may be hard to remove.


Lift up on the front edge by the mirror- mine was already gone, but there would normally be a clip here, that simply lifts out of a hole cut in the door shell. If you pull forward, it will break that clip.

The clip is normally at the top of the panel, you can see where it broke off:


If you're removing the entire panel, you will need to unhook the mirror controls (if equipped) by gently prying the clip up (gray half) so it can pass over the retainer pin (black half)


*** If you have a 1995-1997, you will have lights in the bottom of your doors. Simply reach behind and turn the bulb 90° and it will come out.

Release the main switch panel from the door panel by pushing back through the panel towards the door- no need to unhook it.


Panel should now be free to remove.

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Rear Door:

Remove the trim caps from around the door handle (makes it easier to remove the panel from around the handles)


Remove the two phillips screws from behind the door pull:


Pry panel away from the truck to release the push-in connectors from the sides and the bottom edge.


Tilt the front edge of the door pull up (about 3/4") and slide towards the front of the truck.


You are releasing these clips- careful, they are brittle and can break fairly easily.


Lift up to release from the upper channel, like the front door. May be sticky...

Panel should now be free to remove.

Rear Quarter Panels:

(Will get better one, wanted to put something up)

Remove the plastic kick panel from the tailgate (lift straight up, then remove the 2 pushpins to release the carpet.


Note: You can remove the panel without pulling the carpet, but it gives a little more clearance, and is generally easier to move around in there.

With a large flat prybar, trim puller, or screwdriver, push between the back of the trim panel and the truck to pop loose the back push in clips (like the door push in clips, only longer) Green circles in picture

Remove the two phillips screws in the floor (under carpet, yellow circles)

Remove the one T-50 Torx bolt holding the shoulder belt. (pop off cap, circled in red)

I also remove the small bolt holding the hook to the trim (top left hand corner)

Fold the hold-down loops on the floor down flat, then lift the panel over them, and lay the top towards the center of the truck (watch the headliner!) and out.


Remove hold down screw (if present) underneath small trim plug by bottom of rear window. Here is a picture from behind the panel of the cover to remove and check for, just pry out with a flathead screwdriver. I've seen 2000's with and without the screw. I think all 1995-1997's had them.


Remove pull handle


Pull top edge of panel towards you gently to disengage clips, they go all the way around sides and top of rear window. Work your way around to each.


Slide entire panel towards front of truck.


Here are pictures of the back of the panel so you can see what you're working with.


The bottom clips- as seen, if you pull the panel off instead of sliding, these will break and there will be nothing holding your panel on the bottom of the gate.