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How to remove or loosen dash trim


August 22, 2011
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2015 Explorer XLT
I am mounting a back up monitor on my dash of my 2015 XLT, it did not come with a backup camera as I have the small screen unit. I want to loosen this trim to run some wires behind it. I remember seeing some thread somewhere where this was done but I have searched and cannot find it. This picture is just a stock photo off of the internet, but the trim in question is the long silver strips that run on both sides. I just need to put the wires behind the strip on the driver side. Thanks for your help.


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Looks easy enough. When you get the back-up camera mounted, post a pic.

I watch these YouTube videos and always scratch my head at how do these people know how to do this stuff.

Thanks, will do that is what i needed to see.

Interesting video but this guy would get fired from my shop in a heartbeat for having everything powered up when unplugging things! That is an easy way to fry everything. This is a big no no in the electronics field..

Is this the picture you were looking for?



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Quote: Originally Posted by HalwgLooks: Looks easy enough. When you get the back-up camera mounted, post a pic.[QUOTE

because you asked.......

I finished my backup camera/monitor project. Mounting the camera I followed the blog found elsewhere here on the forum The camera I used is one I did not buy, it was sent in error along with the one I did purchase. While this camera also had a sensor with a buzzer having the built in backup system in the Explorer I did not need that buzzer, but the unit was better then the one I ordered, completely sealed, so I mounted it to the stock location. Originally I bought a $25 pop up monitor that you had to push a button to operate, then close by hand. After I mounted it I was not thrilled so I found a motorized pop monitor and mounted that, will have to see how it does in the long run but for $60 it is worth a try. It pops up instantly when put into reverse and when you shift out of reverse it folds back down. Below are two links to the two monitors I bought, the automatic one I used required a hot lead to the battery, I used an add-a-fuse line off of a fuse on the under dash box. The other hot line said accessory, being the pop up monitor video cable had a built in hot lead I just used that, triggered of course by the back up lights. The video line was not long enough as when mounted into the rear hatch and running up and down, it takes a lot. I added of course an extension video and added on wire for the trigger line.