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How to repair chipped paint (with minor rust)-PIC HEAVY

So when I bought my Trac I noticed it had a large spot of chipped paint with some real minor spot rust and I only just got around to repairing it. The repair is still under way as I type this up, so bear with me.

Things you'll need:
-Wire brush
-320-ish grit wet/dry sandpaper
-440 grit wet/dry sandpaper
-Painter's tape
-Old newspaper/paper bags/drop "cloth"
-[bare metal] Primer
-Dupli-color spary paint matched to your color (or as close as you can get)
-Isopropyl Alcohol

Begin with checking your vehicle's color code and purchasing your spray paint and other materials. If you can't find paint that matches your color, just try to get the closest color. For instance I had to use a GMC silver color to match my Silver Birch (of course it's not an exact match, but it's on the roof so close enough).

Start the actual job with a wire brush and brush the rust spots. Try not to chip the paint! The goal here is to remove any loose rust.


Now take some wet/dry 320-ish grit sandpaper and sand the edges down (use it wet). You don't have to sand the primer away, but it won't hurt if you do.



After this is done wash and dry the area thoroughly. Tape off the area you want to paint.
Edit: Cover most, if not all of the area you are going to paint or paint in a windy area!!!

Next wipe the area down with isopropyl alcohol. This gives it one last good cleaning.

Now take your primer and spray a light coat on. Use short "bursts" of paint from about 6-12" away for best results.

Wait for your first coat of primer to dry. Once it has dried enough to "handle" (this can be found on the instructions of the can), apply a second coat in the same manner, minus the wiping it down with alcohol.

:shifty_ey ...more to come as my repair progresses... :shifty_ey

YES! idk how i just found this, but ive got the same thing happening where my fenders meet the front bumper cover. nice little writeup, ive been debating whether or not to do anything about it for a while, but i guess i will, it doesnt seem very hard. i may take the fender(s) off to do it, or at least the bumper cover. where did you get the matched paint?
and do you have after photos?