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How To: Replace Your Carpet


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March 1, 2009
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2006 XLT
I was going to mention this in my registry, but I figure if anyone searches for carpet replacement, it would be easier to read in a new thread, instead of digging through a multiple page registry. This is almost more of a review/my experience than a how-to, but ill make it both.

I recently ordered new carpet from the "stockinteriors" website. I am not endorsing them, just want to share my experience because its quite a project since the carpet comes too large, and uncut.

I emailed them asking what the difference was with materials, I just wanted at least OEM quality, nothing more, nothing less. They said the "Plush Cut Pile" was the same as OEM. (I also planned on sound-deadening my interior at the same time, that comes into play below)

My options were "Plush Cut Pile" and black in color. I also google searched coupon codes and found one for 5 or 10% off which helped. Shipping was pretty high, about $20. Grand total, carpet, shipping and discount came to $151.00 shipped. I ordered it late on a Saturday, and it was here Wednesday VIA UPS. Quicker than I anticipated, because they say give them a couple days to process, mold and ship, and then the shipping time.

It comes in a small box, probably 4' tall, and maybe 8"x8" they reccomend laying it out in the sun for a couple days, and of course we had rain rain rain for the following week after I got it.

If you dont have carpet to begin with, or threw yours away, or something, this is going to be alot harder for you.

What I did was laid it out on the deck in the sun for a few hours, but was impatient and wanted to get it done. I had already gutted my interior again, seats out, most of the panels out (I was also swapping seats, and installing/running wiring for a 4 channel amp) and took my carpet out.

I put my carpet on top of the new carpet, and as you'll see in the pictures, its longer, wider, and has no holes cut.



When it was sitting on my deck, it was pretty flat. The transmission tunnel was distinguishable, but thats about it. Try to get it to conform as close to your stock carpet as you can when its sitting on it so you don't mis-cut or cut stuff crooked.

I cut my holes pretty small, about 1.5"x1.5" for each front seat bolt, in case it was off, I didn't have a huge hole showing.

I am trying to switch from a rear bench, to rear buckets, so I didn't cut rear holes yet. But, you'll definitely want to do that if you are keeping the same interior.


Now I cut a good amount off the sides, to save from having to do it when it was inside. Its really a pain in the a** to cut it once its in the car.

I test fit it, looking at what needed to be trimmed, which was ALOT in the front corners, around the trans tunnel, and the back where it tucks under the interior trim.

I opted to cut it while it was still in there, so I could take off little by little. This may have saved some time, but it was a headache.

Once I was done, and started putting on trim panels, it looked so much better. It does not fit perfect by any means, there are areas that aren't molded as good as they should be, and some of the molds are a bit off, but that could have been me adjusting it too far one way or another.

Now- with the mass backing, I read tons of posts on other forums about it being a waste of money, didn't make a difference, etc. Biggest con was they said it made it 100x harder to cut and trim to fit. I cant imagine. No way!

I laid sound deadener material down (similar to Dynamat, or FatMat) at the same time, so I cant attest for sound barrier, BUT I can say the insulation this stuff has, seems to beat the stock carpet. My carpets was a lot thinner than this, but that could just be wear and tear possibly.

Overall, im happy, and would recommend it, but TAKE YOUR TIME! Measure ten times, cut once. I have a small area (luckily its on the side of the drivers seat though) thats just barely long enough to wrap up under the console, whereas the other side has 2" too much.




I cut a few of the holes out in the rear because of the studs in the floor pushing the carpet up. I say cut OUTSIDE the car, because cutting out these 4 little holes took almost 30 minutes with a sharp utility knife, and scissors.


Hope this helps somebody! :salute:

It helped me!...great post, thanks for the info!