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How to splice audio into CD channels on '99 xlt with premium sound


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May 10, 2023
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1999 explorer XLT
As the title says, I am looking to essentially replace the audio channels from the cd player. I'm hoping to do it inside the HU so that it can be amplified with it, but I'm open to working around that. I'm mainly just having trouble finding the exact solder point that belong to the audio channels and I can't seem to find any datasheets. Any help would be beyond appreciated!

Screenshot 2023-05-10 095941.png

Your picture might have started out high enough resolution for me to see it well, but once uploaded it gets resized and converted to lossy low quality webp so I can't make out the finer details. Can you post it to another hosting site link like and link to it?

I might've made some progress. Look at the TA2063F IC, it's the little chip on the bottom, center in your pic. It's a DA converter with pinout as pictured below, though you might want to trace it and see if it is using the capacitor(s) just to the left of it in your picture as an analog audio filter.

In other words I'd prefer to trace downstream it to where it leaves this PCB, uses wire or a ribbon connector to the headamp amp board, and solder to that PCB location rather than at the IC leads, OR continue tracing to the main amp board and solder to that location on the amp board.