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How to: Take off door panels


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July 8, 2012
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1998 Explorer XLT
Alright so, this forum has givin me so much useful information I starting thinking of ways that I could help give back! I soon found out that there were no threads that showed how to take off your door panels and get to your speakers/window motors etc so Id figured I start one! This project took place on my drivers side back door but is the exact same for all the other doors.

Tools you will need:
Philips head screwdriver
Flat head screwdriver

So the first step is to take the screws out of the door, they are located just above the handle


After you unscrew both of those the next step is to take off the plastic that is behind the handle


Now after you do that you will want to lock the door that you are working on so it makes it easier to get the door panel off


And I usually roll down the window, just so I can have alittle room to work with


And the next step is to take off the panel that has the lock/unlock button and the window up/down button on it


The next and biggest step of this project is to take the door panel off. There is I believe 6 plastic clips that hold it in. What you want to do is take the flathead screwdriver and work your way around the panel and pop those out until the door panel is loose except for the top part


Now once you have it loose take the panel with both hands and pull the panel straight up, it may need some wedging and messing with to get it out but it will come out. When you are done the finished product will look like this


Keep in mind that I took out the foam layer inside the door because it came loose and made my speakers sound like crap.

So this is how you take your door panel off! To put it back on just repeat these steps in reverse! I'm sure that I missed something so if I did please let me know and ill add it. This is for the 2nd gen explorers (as far as I know) and will work on sports as also! If this is in the wrong section would a moderator please move it? And if anybody has any questions don't hesitate to ask! Have a good day and happy Exploring!