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HOW TO: wire aftermarket amp to stock jbl stereo


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June 30, 2010
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'95 limited
Im trying to wire an aftermarket 4 channel amp to my jbl head unit (model F57F-18C852-BE) so i can power my door speakers. I picked up a line output converter (SNI-35) that i can plug the rca cables into and im suposed to tie the speaker wires into this. the only thing im having a problem with is finding out what wires are what since the speaker wires in the door are different then whats going in the back of the deck. so if theres anyone out there that can atleast point me in the right direction i would really appreciate that. thanks

Well if the wires from the hu are different colors from the wires going to the speakers, you might have the Premium Audio system, which would mean that there is a stock amp somewhere in the car. You need to find that before you wire in another amp. :) It should be right behind the passenger side cargo panel.