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How to wire up component speakers


April 26, 2006
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03 mountaineer
I'm a little confused on this.How do you hook them up?
you have the (input,tweeter,woofer) connections,the input says + and -,are those the slots where i have to put the stock speaker wires?
I would like to run component speakers instead of just regular ones that i replace,so if someone can give me a lay down on how to wire them up I would appreciate it,thanks.

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Any stock or aftermarket head unit usually has 4 channels of output (Left front, left rear, right front and right rear) Each channel has a + and -. These channels connect directly to multidriver speakers (two or 3 drivers wired together). In order to use aftermarket Separates/component speakers the signal from the head unit should pass through a dividing network or a crossover. The crossovers/dividing network have coils and "filters" that separate the signals to desired frequencies (highs go to the tweets, low to the woofers, etc). Most good quality component sets include the crossover network - but these can also be purchased separately. A better option is to use an active crossover - where the signals still get separated but you can adjust the values / cut-off frequecies. Finally, you may also want to consider a bit of amplification of the signals to get better and cleaner sound

the trucks normal speaker wire go to input, the woofer goes to woofer, the tweeter goes to tweeter.

Ok now with wiring speakers to a amp,you connect the RCA wires from the HU to the AMP,and just hookup the speaker wires to the amp?

yep, just be sure the +'s and -'s of your speaker wires match up to the + and - terminals of each channel on your amp.

Can i just upgrade my battery instead of getting a high output alternator to power two 12 inch rockford subs,1000 rms each?I would like to run the rear rear speakers off of a amp but i dont want to upgrade to a better alternator....just yet.

A battery just stores the charge/power while the alternator provides this power. Depending on the amp and how you use your soundsystem depends on what you would need to upgrade. A batt and alt upgrade is always good BUT if you never run your system for an extended period with the engine off, then you might be able to not upgrade anything at all initially. I ran 2 alpine amps (4 channel for the front and rear spkrs and a monobloc for the 2 rear type X subs) for over a year without needing to upgrade either the alt or the batt. After I added more accessories (lighting, video and a carpc - thats when I felt I needed the upgrade