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How would you clean this?


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March 16, 2013
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04 Ford Explorer 4.6l
Sorry for the vague title. Cars in the garage. I'd like this clean so I can mark on it with a paint marker. Heads have to come off.

Don't want a giant mess on the floor. I could create a berm on the floor to trap water, but I don't want to run a hose in the garage.

I could also just clean certain spots until I get the heads off.


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Spray it down with brake parts cleaner and let it all go into the oil pan. The passages are really big so no worries about the sludge getting stuck. You definitely need to pull the pan after to clean the pickup (not because of the rinse, because of the nastiness).

Throw a blue tarp under it and buy a new bag of shop towels.:(
(Don't forget, a gallon of mineral spirits.)

I never tried ethyl alcohol as an engine cleaner. Does it work?

Never tried either.


Too late now but I would have suggested SeaFoam in the engine oil and run it 300 miles. Curious, how does the engine get that gunky on the inside?...assume this is one you recently picked up?

I never tried ethyl alcohol as an engine cleaner. Does it work?

The Ethyl Alcohol is for the human machine.......which is necessary for this project......

Krud Kutter, get it at home Depot.

Heads are both off, easier to clean this way. Though, looks like engines coming out. Easier to do with heads off at least.

One half way clean head and one dirty.