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Howling Noise Near Mass Air Flow


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January 27, 2003
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05 Ram 1500
I did a search about this howling noise and it was all about the IAC. Mine comes and goes. The noise is comeing near the my Air Intake and mass air flow sensor. Its very loud and annoying. I unplug my mass air flow sensor plug and pluged it back in and same thing. I am pretty sure that the IAC is fine, because its all comeing near the intake. The intake is nice and snug with no leaks.

the IAC noise makes it self known at the intake. thats where my noise was also. i tryed cleaning my IAC..and that just messed it up more. i spent the $60 got a new IAC..and its dead quiet now an it fixed my prob's. but yes it howls at the air box..if you take the intake off you can trace it back to the IAC.

Yup, just replaced mine two days ago. It's the IAC. Pep Boys for me at $60.