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Huge transformation

Alright...I figured I need to post my dramatic before and after. What I started out with was a Ford Explorer. But after changing a whole lot of sheetmetal and other components, now, it's a car!!! Check out the pics!!!




Yeah...I'm a bit too immature right now. hahaha...

I bet you get a lot better gas mileage also......

Im tottally diggin the new car, it looks soooooo Nice! :thumbsup: Cant wait to see what yo ugot instore for it.... any mods Planned?

Can i post my Transformation too :p

From this:


To this:


Thanks man!!! Yeah, it does get better gas mileage, my first half-tank fill up was this past weekend and managed to get about 19 mpg strictly in the city and I was very hard on the gas pedal too. Then after driving about 200 miles, the gas gauge is barely under the center level so I figured it's around 24 mpg. Not bad at all, heh...that's the EPA rating for highway driving. The bad part about this car is that the engine requires premium fuel since it's a high compression engine. Oh well, that's the trade off.

Nice Jeep!!!! Heh...aftermarket support is extremely limited for this car. If you guys think Explorers are bad, this one is even worse!! I've already bought a pair of clear bumper lights to replace the amber lenses on the bumper and change the bulbs to Silverstars and superwhite bulbs inside and out. I will also take the paint off the shiftplate where the shifter is. I'm taking the paint out because it's already chrome painted but Acura decided to paint it silver. Stupid Honda/Acura designers!! I'll probably tint the windows too once I get some cash flow. That's all I planned to do.

Here's another pic of the car:


In about a week, I'll be working overtime detailing this car. It's gonna look awesome!! I'll be sure to take lots and lots of pictures and post them here!!!