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hvac and friends invade water world :)

hvac man

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November 30, 2002
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Hey guys I am planning on going to water world tomorrow with a bunch of people. I was wondering if anyone has ever been there? I have never gone and I even lived in denver :( What is the weather like right now? Is it supposed to be nice tomorrow? I will be in town all weekend if anyone wants to go wheeling or something.

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wish i was there. have fun and hope the weather is nice for you.

Hot, hot , and more hot. Bring sun lotion, and remember your feet!!

Sounds good Chris. I might not be able to go now though. I just ran over my dog about an hour ago and he is cut up pretty bad on his back leg. I can see the tendons :( I might still try and go later in the day after we go to the vet but we'll see.

how did you just run over your dog? are you blind man?!!!!

hope your dog is ok..... man, that sucks!

Yeah I am apparently. He was out taking a jog on a dirt road when he ran back in front of the explorer and thump :( I am not trying to make excuses but he is about 2 feet high at the shoulder and black and it is night time around here. I am just glad I felt him when I ran him over. Most bumps seem small when you have 33" tires. I am sure he will be alright I dressed the wounds and will take him to the vet in the morning to get looked at. I have to say I have a pretty good track record by having him almost 5 yrs and not running him over yet :) He usualy gets hurt on his own...lol

Was your dog okay?

Yeah he was all good in a few days :)