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HVAC fan quit


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January 19, 2002
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2016 PIU
Just took my 16 in for the fan relay recall and now my hvac fan doesn’t work on any speed 🤬 It worked fine when I dropped it off. What could they have fugged up while doing that fix to cause my heat/ac fan to poop?

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Another member had his A/C compressor replaced and had the same recall done and now the fan runs constantly at high speed as long as the A/C is on. Police Utility Engine Fan Issue
Was the dealer aware of your issue before you left?


No. I didn’t use heat or ac when I picked it up. Drove home parked it for the day and the next day. Got in today and it didn’t work. But it was working the morning I dropped it off

Its not my engine fan, its the hvac blower

Its not my engine fan, its the hvac blower
I know this may seem silly, but maybe check the fuse..... I can think of a couple reasons they might have pulled fuse for the update..

Its not my engine fan, its the hvac blower
Thanks for that Steve. I completely forgot that when replying as I had just been on that other thread. As Eric mentioned, the first thing to probably check would be the fuse.


Bench tested blower motor good, replaced resistor with new oem part. Still doesn’t work

It turns out the 40amp fuse in position 43 in the power distribution box was blown. Couldn’t tell it was blown til I changed it 🤪