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Hydrolocked - We'll see what happens


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December 16, 2010
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2001 SAS'd Sport Trac
Long story short I slid into a ditch/ hole that ended up swallowing my 35s drowning the passenger side of the engine bay. Was not trying to go in the mud at all but stuff happens. It took a while to get the truck off the trail. It died after getting out of the hole thankfully.

Pulled plugs and cranked the starter to get the water out. Now just to get new plugs installed and hopefully it will start up.

Just want to get this thread going to help any future guys that might need it.

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Glad you found the spark plug socket that worked, sorry I didn't get back to you on the second text (really busy day, didn't see it until about an hour ago). I had the same scare last year after the second river crossing, luckily it didn't totally lock up. Keep us updated on the outcome. Either way it's kind of a win, locked (time for a V8 upgrade), not locked (dodged a bullet). Now, where the pictures of the swamp buggy?

Looks like I dodged a rather large and painful bullet. I put in new spark plugs and air filter and after some hesitation and coaxing with the throttle she started up. I didn't run it for very long since I still have the old oil that probably has water in it.

I'm extremely happy that it runs and doesn't make any sounds out of the ordinary. I think once I change the oil it will actually run better because of the new plugs. Its amazing how bad plugs can get in 140k miles… I ended up with a couple 2 piece spark plugs because the metal core was so rusted it sheared when the boots were pulled off.

Maybe after the Easter weekend I can change the oil and get it running right again.

Phew. I was hoping we didn't have to see this truck get sidelined during it's first spring with a solid axle.

Snorkel plans?

I would also clean the MAF, throttle body and IAC. I had to do this when mine almost locked, I had to change the MAF.

I don't really plan on a snorkel. I think I'll continue to try to avoid most mud holes.

Thanks for the heads up Jerry. I still have cleaner from preventative maintenance so I'll make sure that stuff is clean.

Still need to clean the MAF and IAC but I changed the oil last night and drove around for a bit. Everything seems to be back to the way it was before it got drowned. I consider myself lucky with this one and now I really hate mud....

That's one of the biggest reasons I don't mess with mud too much. Wheelin where I do I know other rigs with upto 44" tires digging ruts that'll bury my truck.

The worst part was I wasn't even trying to get dirty at all. I have a study spot down an old logging trail and I was on my way back from there when it happened. Live and learn I suppose. I bet if I was going the other way and the drivers side went into the hole everything would've been ok since the intake isn't on that side.

Kinda like where I almost lost my truck at Gulches? :eek: You don't always have to be looking for mud for it to jump out, grab you and pull you in. Mud's a nasty beast.

Ha that was crazy when you slid into the mini lake.