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Hyper sensitive steering after new hub/bearings?


November 30, 2013
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2002 Explorer XLT
Ok, so I replaced both my front end hub/bearing assemblies. Drivers side is a moog, the passenger is a advance auto generic (long story, dont ask). So I got everything buttoned back up today and it seems like (for awhile at least) steering was SUPER sensitive. Like, if I hit a ramp/seam onto a small bridge, the wheel would shake. It feels like either A) something is loose that shouldnt be, or B) It's tight and fit together the way it should be again and now I'm just feeling it.

Some of the details
2002 XLT 4.0
138k miles
replaced both hubs
replaced the passenger caliper bracket
replaced the both sides caliper guide pins and bolts, and regreased
new pad clips on passenger side
hub bolts as tight as I could possibly get them
axle bolts at 200 ft lbs
sanded/grinded down all mating surfaces

As I was coming it home it seemed like it was less sensitive than it had been up to this point, but nonetheless figured I should ask.

Didn't even fix my original problem :(

I think the rear drivers bearing needs to be replaced as well (its the only one I havent replaced yet).

Jack up the front end and make sure there isn't any wheel play.