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I am a DUMBA$$. I finally figured out my EGR problem.

February 20, 2010
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Michigan City IN
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1994 exploerexlt
I just thought this might be usefull for the guys and gals having my same problem. when i bought my explorer off my brother in law the check engine light was always on. after alot of work on it. changing intake gaskets, water pump, radiator, radiator hoses. timing chain. plugs and wires. and draining the nasty oil to castrol edge. all of them were shot. i still got codes. i bought me a craptron code reader and tried my best to read it. it was giving me codes that were 3 digit codes some for my 1994 and some that were not.. but it did tell me my EGR was throwing some of them. so i replaced the whole egr system except the tube, 1 at a time. light still on. the last thing i changed was the DPFE (sorry if that is wrong) I took it for a drive. as usual after the engine warmed up the CEL came on. i pulled over to check under the hood. when i was about to a stop the CEL went off. (that never happened before) so i knew i was close to figuring it out. I went and got an eguus code reader 3145 and it gave me the right codes. KOEO 111 cm 327 KOER 111. my hoses to the DPFE were fuel lines that were too big for both connections clamped on. so i decided to go to FORD and spend 9 dollars apiece for 12 inches of hose each side. i went to put them on and guess what? they were connected wrong. put the right hoses on each side and the CEL is off. Thanks for your help because if i was never on this site i would had never went and got the silicon tubes and never figured this out. BTW she burns no oil so i am ready for advice on my bypass filtration. Thanks again everybody 4 your knowledge.