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I am replacing my stock head unit


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February 8, 1999
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98 Merc
I have a question for you all. I am about to purchase a new head unit from Sony. Now once I get the unit should I cut the wires and splice them into the new wiring harness or should I get an adapter? The reason I ask is on my old Mazda B2600 I spliced it and it seemed to work ok. Also will I run into trouble trying to splice if I the AMP that seems to come with these trucks?

Thanks for the help!

Ryan Penner
1992 Explorer Sport

I have also got a Sony head unit in my Explorer, and most likely if you are looking to add speakers and an amp, it would be just as easy to splice on a a new wiring harness. There is limited space in the console and an adapter would just take up more. Plus, if you do add speakers and an amp, you will be pulling out the head unit a lot to hook it up, and the new harness makes it much easier to plug and unplug the unit.

buy an adapter much easier to install. but I think you have got to get the amp by pass kit because of the separate amp in the stock unit check yours out first.