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I can't get the bed hook bolts out, need ideas!


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March 6, 2010
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Pittsburgh, Pa.
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2003 Explorer Sport Trac
So I'm taking my Tal & Hadas Sport Bar off my Trac and putting on a factory tonneau cover back on. I can't get the bed hook bolts out to take the brackets off so I can mount the tonneau cover brackets on.

I need some ideas on how to get the bolts out without braking the composite bed.

By the way once I get the brackets off I'll be selling the Sport Bar, these are extremely rare in the U.S., I've only been able to find six other people in the U.S. that have this bar on their Trac's. If you look in my album there's pictures or if you google Tal & Hadas Rear Sport Bar my Trac will pop up, like I said these are extremely rare.

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Jerry, the bolts attach to the plate behind the top lip of the bed itself. It's going to be a PITA any way you look at it. If, and I say IF, you can get penetrant sprayed up there that will help. Here's some photos in case that helps you see what you're up against better.
Tie down plates:

Tonneau bracket plates:



Thanks Steve, I can always count on you for help!!!:thumbsup:

Ok, so I tried soaking the bolts from underneath. I removed the tail lights and t he rightside inner wheelwell and found the the bracket had snapped due to rust and the bolts were totally rusted and siezed to the brakets and nuts.

Next I tried dilling the heads of the bolts off and salvage the hooks but it wouldn't let me do that either. I ended cutting the rear two bed hooks off to get the Tal & Hadas Sport Bar brackets off the bed so I could install the Factory Tonneau cover I bought from Moparmendy from the Sport Trac sitefor $250.

I took all the rest of the bed hook bolts out with no issues and put antisieze on them and the tonneau cover bracket bolts so I don't have to deal with this again.

Now I need to find a pair of bed hooks and bolts to replace the ones I had to cut off.

Anyone have any they would want to donate????

I have the caps but not the main hook bodies.

In da box !

You da man !!! Replied to message.