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I can't open the lift gate on my 2002 Explorer.


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December 16, 2015
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explorer 2002 xlt
I am trying to figure out how to open my lift gate on my explorer 2002 wont open. every video i seen starts with the gate already opened so it does not help at all.

If you mean the window hatch, then it is activated by a little button to the side of the lift gate handle. Can't see it from the outside, you have to feel for it.

If you really mean the liftgate, then I apologize as other than unlocking it, it is purely a mechanical lever.

Lift Gate or Lift Glass???

The owners manual is online FYI.


Page 114

The liftgate area is only intended for cargo, not passengers. You can open
and close the liftgate from outside the vehicle. It cannot be opened from
inside the cargo area.
• To open the liftgate window,
press the control on the remote
entry key fob or, with the liftgate
unlocked, push the control button
on the right side under the
license plate lamp shield.
• To open the liftgate, unlock the
liftgate (with the power door
locks, the remote entry or the
keyless entry pad) and pull the
middle lever under the license
plate lamp shield.
To lock the liftgate and the liftgate window, use the power door locks or
press the door lock switch on the left side of the cargo area. To manually
lock or unlock the liftgate, move the button located below the window
down or up.
The liftgate door and window should be closed before driving. If not,
possible damage may occur to your vehicle.
Always close liftgate window before opening liftgate. Liftgate
glass and liftgate should never be open at the same time. Failure
to observe this warning may result in personal injury or damage
to your vehicle.