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I did it...


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October 12, 2003
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Toronto, Ontario
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'99 Sport
I have been wanting to do it for a long time...
*** Have my 99 Sport painted ALL black *** (silver trims/fender flares)

and last weekend I went to the auto store and picked up some spray paint. Spent a few hours in the garage and woohoo~ they look much better than stock!!! The rims and tail lights were also done by myself long time ago, and I tinted the windows myself as well, 20% all around... I painted the bumpers, and the fender flares during the weekend... still need to do the step bars, and wet sand them and clear coat to get more shine to match the body paint.



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Looks good alezone. What kind of lights you have up front?

lights? u mean bulbs?

Very nice.

Now you need a black brush guard and put an american flag on each side.. you'll be 100% secret service :cool:

yea what kinda bulbs?

looks damn sweet, i definitly like it

The wheels just make it right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That looks daya-umm good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't usually like all black, but that truck is making me think otherwise !!!!!!!

Yeah, that does have a secret service look to it doesn't it ?

the bulb is Sylvania SilverVision (or SilverStar...?) it's so bright that makes all the stock bulbs look so yellow-ish around it...

and thanks for the compliment guys!!!

$ spent on this DIY project so far... C$120~
2x rolls of window tinting film
5x Dupli-color black paint
1x Dupli-color clear coat
1x Tamiya clear red paint
2x Sylvania SilverVision bulbs
4x Super white bulbs for front signals
6 hours in the garage.