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I don't know which transmission I have.


October 24, 2011
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utica ny
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2003 eddie b
i have a 2003 4.0 v-6 awd eddie beauer explorer

the tranny is slipping in 3rd gear check engine light is on and pulls code po772 shift solenoid e stuck on.

want to buy a solenoid pack for it but i dont know which tranny i have, are the packs for the e, w, s the same?

the door sticker says tr code v.

the vin is 1fmzu74k13ub68609

also will replacing the pack fix this problem? really cant afford a 1500 dollar rebuild


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You have a 5R55S transmission. Check the internal wiring harness, and the bulkhead connector before you order a solenoid block.
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the door sticker says tr code v.

thats the 5r55s is it not?

Oops, my bad I didn't look closely enough, the v trans is the 5r55s not the w but the wiring checks would be in line.