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I finally have an explorer worth posting

steve johnson

August 5, 2010
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City, State
Brookville, IN
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'99 xls
thats what it started as
and this is what is as of today.
future mods include a front bumper with a prerunner bar and a winch, new rancho shocks and new drilled and slotted rotors and a tire swing out carrier.

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Looks good

hid headlights

I got those projector style headlights but can i also install some hid bulbs. any say so is much appreciated. :)

I got those projector style headlights but can i also install some hid bulbs. any say so is much appreciated. :)

yes.. "projector" headlights should have hids in them... "reflector" headlights like the factory ones should have regular bulbs (whatever their called) in them.. mixing up the two will not have optimal light patterns

are there any write ups about putting hid bulbs in my style lights. i tried searching for some but i come up with retrofitting them in stock housings and i don't want to do that.

subscribed! I have the same style spyder headlight assembly, with the CCFL halo's and though I love the look, the low-beam output is not as great as I'd hope for... and I'd love for the light to match the white of the CCFL rings.

(and not to derail) but I've also experienced that the heat shrink they sent to go over the halo-to-CCFL-inverter connector is inadequate at blocking car-wash water from getting in. MAybe i suck at the shrinking part, but on one side i've cut out the connector and just soldered the lines. I've tried reinforcing the other side with electrical tape to close the gaps at the end and will see how that holds up initially, but i suspect i'll have to solder them as well.

I also had to cut away a fair bit of fiberglass behind the stock assembly in order to get them to fit, but this is on a 99 limited, and to be fair, that particular model/year combo was NOT listed as supported...

Very nice truck. How do you like the AT3s?

very nice explorer