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i found the answer

Xzibit A

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November 22, 2004
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02 xlt 4.6
alright i found out how low is too low( with t-bars), ill post picts this weekend if the weather is nice but now when i drive the x over bumps the torsion bars unload , this is with the torsion keys in and the bolt almost all the way out, and the rear is 3" blocks and only the 2 longest leaves. the rear is about 1/2" away from the frame, which is fine caus im getting a notch this weekend. but now I HAVE to bag it cause id still like it a little lower. anyone else have the problem with the torsion bars???

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its called ball joints binding :p

maybe ill hav to do the ball joint flip. eh

what do you mean by " the torsion bars unload " i never heard of it. wonder if its happing to me. i have aftermarket drop keys with the pass side bolt out, and the driver in enough to level it out. center wheelwell down measure's 28'' had to go from a 235/75/15 tire to a 235/70/15, tires rubbed. and the rear has a 3'' drop leaf and a 1 inch block. 1/4 from axle.... also gettin notched. and if you have any info on where your getting your bag brackets from.... for the front it would be extremely helpfull. i found a complete ranger kit with bags an brackets.... not sure though if it would be the same fit.
i have a 97 5.0 AWD, thanks.

what i mean is there is no tensoin on them at all, they ar loos like you could pull them out. thy cant go anywhere obivoiosly. but as far as the ranger kit, th brackets unless it is for an edge ranger ar worthless, and even if they were you stil wouldn't be able to use them but i would sinc im 2wd, expo 5.0 has his awd bagged and kept the awd, he has some picts somewhere but he mde the brackets.

oh ok didnt relize it would make that big of difference being awd... and yes i do want to keep the awd. i guess i would have to get ahold of expo5.0 and ask if he has any pics of the brackets and the set up he has done. thanks for the info