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I got new toys today for the SPL build


April 24, 2005
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Greencastle PA
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1996 xlt
:D I got lots of new toys today, including my hooker audio order, and my Maxxsonics order of 2 MM4000.1d's and that spiffy plastic banner. I also recentlly recieved 2 HC2400 monsters from kinetik.... and my bannana plugs from KK....BUT UPS DROPPED the amp on its end and smashed the bass knob right into the amp pushing the phase knob into the amp and that whole metal end is dented in. UGH! anyway here are some new pics of the goodness.... :p

whole package

2 amps and batt

nice Autotek banner

Hooker audio gear

wire inputs on amp

UPS broke this end

busted up bass knob

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O btw, this is gunna be doing street C in DBdrag and I managed to get that 2400 battery into the stock location so I can run 1 up front and the other in the back....

Saw your thread on Sound Illusions. Nice gear man!

Sup, get that stuff installed already! See you in the lanes next year! :D

that 2400 is a DAMN tight fit isnt it hehe, I had one in my stock location for a little while. I run an optima D31M daily now which is the same size, but it goes in easier due to the shape of the cells.

you're staying with the x..'s for this setup?

RE MT's I believe....