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i got pics of my lifted x to post


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June 24, 2007
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1998 sport
hey guys i got 14 pictures of my x that i have been working on i just need some help posting them. whats the easiest way to post them where they are big enough for every one to see.

as of right now my mods include:
15x10 pacer rims with stock center cap
33x12.50 boggers/ front
33x14.00 boggers/ rear
3 in 883 body lift
tt/ shackle lift

soon to come :
new mastercraft mt tires (to stop tearing inner fender)
rancho or skyjacker shocks
cold air intake
rear end gears prob a 3.90 or 4.10
and whatever else i can get my hands on

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As long as you resized them, I think you should be able to "attach" them. You'll see the option after you hit post reply just under the area where you type.

Or use photobucket or some other hosting site. Or you could become elite and be able to upload pics to your user gallery.

i use imageshack for hosting....as in what size???, 640x480 is as big as you want to post...;)

tell me what you think

heres some with just the 3 in bl


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im trying to get more h/o

Haha, YES! I'm not the only one to put the Ford hub caps back on black wheels. Very nice looking Sport you've got there.


after tt and shackle

my budd's 2wd f150 35's



about the mud Georgias in a drught right now lol i thought i had found a big mud hole saturday but it didnt even get my wheels dirty lol

thanks ya im kinda sad about taking it in the mud im only the second owner adn as you can tell from the motor and the under shot that its never seen off road a day in its life but she has to be broken some point in time

Awesome truck. Looks like it was worth it. I love black, and those tires look mean as hell. Why don't you just trim the fenders instead of getting new tires?

the boggers were used and vibrate like hell and i want to keep a clean look on my explorer and put back on the missing gray piece at the bottom of the fender. i live in a redneck town lol and im trying not to fit in lol theres an f150 on 39's and the last i saw half the bed was saw zawed to clear tires.

question? how much lift should i expect out of a f150/ 4door leaf kit and new shocks

how come my front bumper brackets didnt level my bumper right how can i fix it?>

New shocks won't give you anymore lift. Shocks just soften or stiffen the ride, they don't raise or lower it. The leaf kit might get you another inch in the back? I'm not 100% sure on that one.

As for the bumper, do you have lift brackets it's mounted on and it's just still angled down?

the angles bumper is a common problem...you just need to put some washers on either the top or bottom bolt that holds the bumper on to space it out...cant remember what one....

I just notched the part of the bumper that was pressing against the frame, then it sat evenly. If you have the right brackets and it's still angled, just swing underneath and see what's causing the angle - it's probably the bottom edge of the bumper pressing against the frame. Dman used washers, I notched mine. It's an easy fix once you know what the problem is.