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I got the squeeeeeeks!


February 2, 2009
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Greenville, N.C.
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2002 XLT
Sway bar is making a lovely noise and its rather annoying. Plan on changing out the bushings this weekend. Picks on bushings and any other prep to the sway bar to prevent this from happening again. Thanks in advance.


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did you try WD40 as a temp fix/test? Mine squeaked last week after some rain but it went away day or two later. in the heep world they sell some greaseable sway bar bushings, i don't know about the Ex's. Before you want to soak those bolts with PBPlaster WD40 for like a week before you try . . .

Yeah, I did the PB blaster this last weekend and it was temporary fix and only lasted a week. Greasable would be ideal I'll have to do a search thanks for your prompt reply.

Could you buy the nipple things and thread them onto the swaybar mounts? Drill a little hole in the bushings for the grease to get to? Might be cheaper and easier to do.

I just took mine off, filled them up with grease and put'em back on. Took 15 mins a year ago. Didn't seem to be worth messing with grease fittings.

Yeah, I did the PB blaster this last weekend and it was temporary fix and only lasted a week. Greasable would be ideal I'll have to do a search thanks for your prompt reply.

Let us know what you find and could you tell me how to go about changing them out, I have to order bushings to do mine soon, till then I am hitting it with some lubricant from Gunk which last a few days.

I loosened those bolts up a bit and injected some grease between the bushing and the sway bar then tightened the bolts up. Mine hasn't squeeked in many miles.

I used one of those cheap needles attached to my grease gun.

Well I figure that since I would have the truck up in the air, might as well replace them. Bushings shouldn't cost a lot. I'll probably just get the moog ones from autozone and put them on. No sense on lifting the truck up just to grease them when they will squeek again sooner than if I put new ones in

I had the squeeeeeeks too ,damn near drove me nuts. my '05 only has 35000 miles. what i finally did wqas take of the bushings and cleaned the sway bar with some solvent (gasoline in a rag) the bushing were still like new so I cleaned them and the mounts and before reinstalling them I dabbed a little bit of silicone grease inside them. So far so good. Remember, if you don't clean the surfaces right the squeeeeeeeeeeks will return. Good Luck

Actually they sounded like someone getting lucky on one of those old spring beds

I just did my sway bar bushings. I figured that since the bushings were 7 years old, I will just buy new ones. Wasn't hard to replace at all. I didn't even need anything to loosen the bolts besides a good turn of the wrench. I got them off and soaked the brackets in PB Blaster as well as the bolts and wire brushed them clean. I made sure the bolt threads were still good and re-used them. I sprayed some break cleaner on the sway bar and frame and cleaned it up really good and coated them with silicone grease spray stuff. I also sprayed the inside of the new bushings before putting everything back together. I test drove it thru the neighborhood and went over 2 speed bumps at like 5 mph and 10 mph and when i got home, i jacked up the truck and checked all the bolts. Its nice and quiet now. Now I just need to get the brakes done (rotors too), find out which wheel bearing is bad and fix that, then replace lower t-stat housing and flush all my fluids and the truck will be good as new :)