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I had an oops with my pop-up sunroof.


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May 12, 2014
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Springfield, Mo
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I went out to my mom's Saturday to have some dinner for Mother's Day. It just started to get nice around here so I decided to pop out the sunroof and let the wind blow. When I got back home it was dark and I was tired, so I quickly snapped the glass back into place and cranked it down. It seemed fine. The next morning I had a 7am shift and I was still tired, bleary-eyed and not thinking. So, on my way to work I noticed the sunroof was whistling, not in the usual spot either. It was coming from the front of the glass instead of the back by the crank. I thought maybe it just needed to be shifted forward and the seal would be fine. I pressed up and forward on the glass just slightly. That is when the glass took flight... I said out loud "that did not just happen!?" I then looked in the rearview mirror just in time to see the glass sunroof panel touch down corner-first in the road behind me and shatter into a million pieces.

That brings me to where I am now: parking in the garage, driving with a trashbag/ductape solution and searching for a new Sunroof Glass. My local Pick-N-Pull had a 92 Eddie Bauer, but no sunroof. I've got emails in to other salvage yards in the area, but no replies yet. I would like to know if anybody knows more about these sunroofs.

Were they in multiple years?
Were they in different models? (maybe a ranger?)
Am I screwed?

TL;DR: I pushed up on my Pop-Up Sunroof that was not secured while driving down the road, it shattered and now I need help finding a new one.

Ride: '92 XLT

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I don't think you're screwed. Just stay out of car washes.

Is it a factory sun-roof?

Just stay out of car washes.

Is it a factory sun-roof?

Ha, yeah it leaked enough in the car wash when it was there!

Yeah it is a factory sun-roof.

GOOD NEWS: I got lucky and located one about 100 miles away! It was off a '94. They are shipping it to a local yard for $10 extra. I'm pretty happy as the Exploder is actually my fiance's.

If anybody does know a lot about these sun-roofs, I bet the info would be helpful to anyone else that might be in a similar situation.

A friend of mine mounted an explorer sunroof into a similar year S10 sonoma back when we were teenagers. He frequently removed the sunroof on nice days until one day when something similar happened. He noticed he didn't quite get the front snapped in properly during reinstallation and while trying to remove it from the inside it slipped out of his hands, slid down the windshield and right off the hood. He said "I thought about trying to open the door and catch it but I knew it was too late". He ended up using a piece of pexiglass that didn't seal very well for the rest of that vehicles short life IIRC. :P I've been very careful when removing mine for that very reason XD

Neighbor got a spare one for 60.00 off his 92 EB which he sold years ago. It was kicking around in his shed. If needed PM will give you his info.

Reminded me of the "ejecto seato cuz" part from 2 fast 2 furious. Except, with your sun roof.