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I hate homework!!!


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June 11, 2000
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Right now...I'm suppose to be working on my Operations Management homework. Since I don't understand what I am suppose to do, I veered off onto something else. I took a couple of shots:


This is my desk at the dorm. I really love my flat panel b/c I get to work on my desk instead of using my lap.


My pocket PC. I got soooo bored that I started using that to surf the boards.

Alright...I'm done ranting and wasting bandwidth. Sorry Rick :p

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pretty cool setup. i should be doing my homework now too :rolleyes:

Billy your never going to graduate like that.

Billy your never going to graduate like that.

Well that depends on what he is studying. Gynocology (sp?) or fashion design is what he is set up for. haha

I have a big test tommorow...so I thought this would be a great time to get on MIRC and talk and be on AIM and on the boards.

Billy is a business major.

heh, you should feel luck, I have to know all the bones, bumps, and holes in a cats skull by tomorrow. I better get off this website!

Haha...Davo is right. I'm a business major. If I were a Gynocologist, I'd be in the slammer for a long time. :p Good luck on your exams!! I'll be having mine friday, along with a quiz and a speech. Fun eh?

I know what you guys mean, my teacher didn't show up to class last time so we have 2 exams on Saturday.:eek:

Man...that sucks!!! Oh well...gotta study for my exam tomorrow. :(

anyone taking accounting? OMG does it suck beyond belief!!!! :mad:

Accounting is fun. It's Physics that killed me- Math and Science merge into one subject!

lol i get in that sorta 'zone' all the time when i cant figure something out i take a break and surf the net or get distracted, and then come back to it later

That is why I didn't go to college, instead I joined the Marine Corps and I spend most of my time on the board at work. I scored an 1190 on my SAT's, but I almost got left back in school simply 'cause I didn't do my homework. Pissed the teachers off when I wouldn't do the homework, would sleep in class, and always got the answer right when they called on me and aced the tests. I hate public education. They wouldn't let me advance ahead, so I got bored, I probably would have done better on the SAT's, but I didn't care, and I fell asleep for part of it. School was a joke for me. I beleive the public school system stifled me, and I could have done better if they didn't have the "we will cater to the slowest student" philosophy. end rant.

Accounting is fun

:eek: thats like saying getting your nads stepped on is fun. i hate it. i have 5 hours worth of accounting homework to do this weekend. there goes my "fatmat" installation for this week at least :rolleyes:

Haha...Accounting?? Fun?? Riiiiiiiiight!! Haha...I barely passed that class.

Is that a TI-89 I see? My favorite tool, considering I'm taking 17 credits of junior and senior level Electrical Engineering classes! Math in every class, gotta love that!

with a background like that no wonder you're having problems studying:D .

damn i love being an art major! not much homework but i do spend alot of time outta class in the studio working on my projects. but man it beats any math class or any of that other BS

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I love math, just the whole analytical problem solving stuff really gets me goin. I am an Integrated Science and Technology major with concentrations in Engineering/Manufacturing and Information Knowledge Management. All I take is Operations Management, Thermodynamics and Software courses and I love it...