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I hate homework!!!

Yep!! That's a TI-89. I was using that when I was majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Since I couldn't stand the Physics, I dropped out since the physics class I was taking happened to be Mechanical Physics so I'm in Business Management now.

Operations Management isn't bad at all. I like the class. I just don't really like my professor.

The background changes all the time so it's pretty distracting. I usually work at the study lounge. Plus, the SL has air conditioning so that's why I got there and work. :D

Billy, you're scaring me with that fat book and TI89. I just registered for classes yesterday and I'm going to be taking OPS this quarter also. I guess I better go find some batteries for my calc.... Hey, I'm a Management major too!! :D

No worries Gina. It's a breeze compared to...aerospace engineering. :p I only took math classes up to Differential Equations because I was majoring in Engineering but oh well...at least I have a little more math skills mastered.