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I hate it when things go wrong...


December 31, 2010
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South Carolina
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'97 XLT
I've got EVERYTHING wired correctly...

RCA's on passenger side, along w/ the amp remote wire.
12v is on the driver's side
Ground is bolted
12" Pioneer sub ran by a Boss Riot 800w amp.

Low sound of whitenoise/static and every time the bass goes off, a high pitch, at a low sound as well, is happening.

I unplug the RCA to the amp side and I can live without bass for now, but whitenoise is still playing in the background...

Found out the sub was previously used (Bought at Wal*Mart) and I'm returning it for a new one.

If it's not my sub, then it's my amp. Someone was nice enough to give me their old amp and I would feel like an a$$ if I have to buy a brand spankin new one.

I think it is the amp causing the trouble though.


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Turns out that I had to change the location of my ground wire... ^^;

Where was it, Jon? Usually the ground is close-by, and not very long...

Where was it, Jon? Usually the ground is close-by, and not very long...

I took like a 16 gauge wire and the solid black wire that was on the speaker portion of the harness and re-routed it to a ground bold under the dash. It stopped doing the white noise, for all that I know.

Cool. Yeah, sometimes the grounds can go haywire, especially on older vehicles... :)

You didn't run a ground from the amp? Mine was just about 1 foot from the amp to the floor in the back of the truck. Or was this for the radio?

Yeah, I ran one from the aftermarket amp to one of the hooks' bolts that is in the back. It was the ground for the factory amp that was giving me trouble.

Ah ok... Yeah, sometimes they will just corrode out, or moving wiring during installs can create problems too...