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I hate spark plugs.

I Was luckily enough to catch the plugs and wires when i was changing the valve cover gaskets.But i can see it being a real pain in the A$$.

I managed to get all the plugs out without going through the wheel well. I did remove the air intake duct, air filter cover, and top radiator hose though. Gave me an excuse to change the antifreeze coolant while I was at it. For the rear passenger side plug I used a little ratchet with a flex head and four inch long handle I have. I used a piece of one inch pipe for leverage once I got the socket onto the plug. I didn't see any antiseize on the plugs I took out but I used it on the new plugs I installed. My left hand and arm are all full of scratches from the ordeal though.
Before I changed the plugs the engine had a bad vibration. Five of the plugs I removed looked to be in excellent shape although the gap had widened due to wear. One plug next to the dipstick was severely oil fouled and a small piece of the tip of the ceramic insulator was missing. After replacing it with a new plug the engine ran nice and smooth. I saved the five good plugs and regapped them and will use them to replace the plug in the position next to the dip stick if it gets oil fouled again. With the low market value on the 92 explorer I am not about to get the rings or valve guides replaced on the bad cylinder, I am guessing it would cost half what the car is worth to do it.

i didnt have any problems whatsoever coming thru the top. the last one on the pass. side needed to go under the wheel well. but it was cake. took about 20 mins

I did my plugs for the first time. I think you need to get away from the idea that you need to see what you are doing. It is easier to feel your way around. They are not that bad. Try doing them on the Aerostar. Remember anti seize