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I have a BAD LEAK (coolant)need to know name of part where the leak is coming from.


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March 21, 2010
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west palm beach, fl
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1996 4.0 6cyl

I have a pretty bad leak, I started leaking coolant, I could smell coolant from outside the truck, then all of a sudden while driving I noticed my temp gauge raising. I get home and look under the hood only to find that the coolant reservoir is still full from when I filled it about a week earlier when I replaced the belt. So I shut the hood.

when I drove it again the temp gauge started to rise again, so we checked the radiator and noticed it was dry, so we added water and the truck would run fine, temp gauge in middle for a good while until the water would eventually leak out and we'd just have to keep filling it with water. then we added a bottle of stop leak but the leak seems to have gotten really bad by that point and essentially the water we were adding was just leaking out just as fast and finally the truck broke down on the freeway and had to have it towed to my work parkinglot where it sits at this very moment.

At first we thought maybe the Water Pump, but the leak was dripping from the round part just underneath Water Pump.
I can see exactly where the leak is coming from, I have added a picture of an engine diagram with the exact part and place the leak is coming from. I have marked around the part with a RED BOX, its just underneath the Water Pump but I have NO IDEA what the part is, if its just a possible gasket leak or seal or what..??? or what could have caused the leak or what the leak is called in and of itself???

Could someone PLEASE take a look and tell me where the leak is coming from, i/e what the name of the part of the engine, if maybe a leak like that can be fixed by a seal or gasket etc.

The diagram says its the CYLINDER FRONT COVER SEAL, is there such a thing as a CYLINDER FRONT COVER SEAL LEAK??

We're not mechanics by any means but can read car books and fix things if we can just figure out what exactly they are. The longer this isnt fixed the longer I am not able to get to work. PLEASE HELP!?

Thank You VERY much, I really appreciate any help and response.


Item Part Number Description
1 9D476 EGR Valve Gasket
2 — EGR Valve Nuts (2 Req'd)
3 9F483 EGR External Pressure Valve
4 390652 Intake Cover Screws (4 Req'd)
5 9E434 Intake Manifold Cover
6 390653 Upper Intake Manifold Bolts (2 Req'd)
7 390358 Upper Intake Manifold Bolts (3 Req'd)
8 9424 Intake Manifold, Upper
9 390819-S8 Valve Cover Bolts
10 391009-S8 Valve Cover Stud Bolt
11 6582 Valve Cover (LH)
12 6584 Valve Cover Gasket (2 Req'd)
13 6754 Oil Level Indicator Tube
14 376785 Oil Level Indicator Tube Nut
15 17K056 Engine Lifting Eye
16 — Engine Lifting Eye Nut
17 — Exhaust Manifold Stud
18 391413-S100 Head Bolts (5 Req'd Each Side)
19 9448 Exhaust Manifold Gaskets (2 Req'd)
20 3829516 Exhaust Manifold Bolts (5 Req'd)
21 9430 Exhaust Manifold (LH)
22 6894 Oil Filter Adapter Mounting Bolt
23 — Oil Cooler (O-Ring) (Part of 6A642)
24 6A642 Oil Cooler
25 6890 Oil Filter Mounting Insert
26 6714 Oil Bypass Filter
27 6675 Oil Pan
28 6710 Oil Pan Gasket
29 270738-S2 Oil Pan Bolts (18 Req'd)
30 270739-S2 Oil Pan Bolts (4 Req'd)
31 6C626 Low Oil Level Sensor Washer
32 6C624 Low Oil Level Sensor
33 — Cylinder Front Cover Seal
34 388551-S36 Engine Front Cover Stud Bolts (2 Req'd)
35 391190-S36 Water Pump Stud Bolt
36 8501 Water Pump
37 56127-S36 Water Pump Bolts (2 Req'd)
38 56123-S36 Water Pump Bolts
39 — Water Pump Stud Bolt
40 56135-S36 Water Pump Bolts
41 56131-S2 Water Pump Bolts (4 Req'd)
42 389772-S100 By-Pass Hose Clamp (2 Req'd)
43 8597 Water Bypass Hose
44 8507 Water Pump Housing Gasket
45 56505-S100 CKP Sensor Bolts (2 Req'd)
46 6023 Timing Pointer
47 6C351 Crankshaft Position Sensor
48 56126-S36 Engine Front Cover Bolts (3 Req'd)
49 6019 Engine Front Cover
50 389967-S Engine Front Cover Dowels (2 Req'd)
51 6020 Engine Front Cover Gasket
52 6730 Oil Pan Drain Plug
53 6734 Oil Pan Drain Plug Gasket
54 6A008 Cylinder Head to Block Dowel
55 9A424 Intake Manifold End Seal
56 390119-S Intake Manifold Baffle Bolts (5 Req'd)
57 6051 Cylinder Head Gasket (2 Req'd)
58 351418-S Cylinder Head Fitting
59 6049 Cylinder Head
60 12405 Spark Plug
61 391414-S Head Bolts (5 Req'd Each Side)
62 6L678 Intake Manifold Baffle
63 391444 Lower Intake Manifold Stud Bolts
(7 Req'd)
64 391443 Lower Intake Manifold Stud Bolts
(4 Req'd)
65 10884 Water Temperature Indicator Sender Unit
66 9A425 Intake Manifold End Seal
67 9424 Intake Manifold
68 8575 Water Thermostat
69 8592 Water Hose Connection
70 358720-S36 Water Hose Connection Bolt
71 42955-S2 Hold-Down Clamp Bolt
72 12270 Hold-Down Clamp
73 12A362 Camshaft Synchronizer
74 12A112 Camshaft Position Sensor
75 373675 Water Hose Connection Bolt
76 8255 Water Hose Connection Gasket
77 387822 Lower Intake Manifold Stud Bolt
78 9439 Intake Manifold Gasket
79 9D424 Intake Manifold Heater Inlet Tube
80 12A648 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
81 373724-S101 Coolant Hose Fitting
82 87617 Port Plug (2 Req'd)
83 6A631 Crankcase Vent Oil Separator Element
84 6A892 Crankcase Ventilation Grommet
85 9A666 Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Valve
86 33770-S2 Hot Water Tube Nut
87 9H486 Intake Manifold Upper Gasket
88 390589 Upper Intake Manifold Stud Bolts
(3 Req'd)
89 9H474 EGR Valve Spacer
90 9E464 EGR Valve Adapter Gasket
91 — EGR Vacuum Regulator (EVR) Solenoid Nut
92 — Ignition Coil Bracket Nuts (3 Req'd)
93 12043 Ignition Coil Mounting Strap
94 12029 Ignition Coil (2 Req'd)
95 6766 Oil Filler Cap
96 6582 Valve Cover (RH)
97 382951-S Exhaust Manifold Bolts (5 Req'd)
98 9430 Exhaust Manifold (RH)
99 389201-S Exhaust Manifold Stud Bolts (3 Req'd)
100 376785 Engine Lifting Eye Nuts (3 Req'd)
101 17A084 Engine Lifting Eye
102 6763 Oil Fill Pipe
103 6763 Oil Fill Pipe
104 56703-S36 Fuel Injection Supply Manifold Bolts
(4 Req'd)
105 9F593 Fuel Injectors (8 Req'd)
106 9F792 Fuel Injection Supply Manifold
107 12280 Ignition Wire and Bracket (RH)
108 12281 Spark Plug Wire Set (LH)
109 45357-S8 Throttle Body Nuts (4 Req'd)
110 9E926 Throttle Body
111 390788-S6 Throttle Body Studs (4 Req'd)
112 391551 EGR Spacer Bolts (2 Req'd)
113 — EGR Spacer Nuts (2 Req'd)
114 — EGR Spacer Studs (2 Req'd)
115 9F970 EGR Spacer

Your diagram is of a V8, but since your profile says '96 4.0, I'm guessing you have the OHV V6. There is a gasket behind the front cover. It is not an uncommon leak. Typically resulting from less than excellent gasket surface prep during a timing chain replacement. Be aware that a couple of the bolts at the front of the oil pan thread into the bottom of that cover.

Hey Thanks Man! :)

Yes, it is a 6 cyl. 2wheel Ford Explorer XLT 1996

a couple ?'s,

Is this a relatively easy fix? and can it be done without a lift like in a parkinglot?

and what exactly am I fix/replacing? the "Cylinder Front Cover Seal "Gasket" or I guess more accurately, if I were to ask for the part at the parts shop, what exactly am I asking for?

Do I need any special wrenches or can I get by with regular wrnches and sockets etc.?

Thank You again for such a quick response, I really appreciate it.

- Jacob.

I have not done that procedure myself. It happened on a '93 my wife drove. We could not deal with any down time so it went to a local shop. It is an ambitious job. To do it "right" per the manual, whenever the cover is removed the oil pan gasket should be replaced as well. The engine has to be raised to drop the pan on the '93, not sure about your 2nd gen.