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I have a problem cranking my engine.


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February 6, 2010
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Upton Ky
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03 awd
Hi all, been reading on and off for sometime never posted before, Now I need some help. My 03 Explorer (4.0) has stopped in its tracks with 100,000 miles it ran the best when I parked it. This morning it wouldn't crank, I started out thinking the Batt was somehow run down. Batt was fine after checking a few things I found the engine wouldn't turn or not a full turn, pull out the spark plugs still want turn a full turn, removed the vavle covers looking at the timing chains I see anything wrong. After backing the up a few times it now will turn over! Anyone have any ideas? Thanks so much Rickey

Welcome to this forum! I've renamed your thread, and moved it into the stock 2002-2005 section. Try to turn the engine over with a ratchet or a breaker bar. It's possible that the starter jammed the flexplate. Did you try to remove the starter?

Thanks, but its not the starter. I am starting to remove the engine it will turn almost a turn but locks either way or that was the case now it will not move. I think something is on one of the timing gears. Thanks Rickey