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I just broke a spark plug :(

85 GT Kid

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July 31, 2010
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97 XLT
So I was all excited cause after 3 weeks I finally had the money to get the starter solenoid for the explorer. Went to advance, came home and opened the box and what do you know its not like the explorers (has a stud instead of spade for the ignition wire). So I ended up just using my mustang one (this is a 5.0L) and got the starter finally mounted after checking to make sure she would turn over. Then I figured i'd replace the plugs since they were the original Motorcrafts and they have 215K on them and i'm replacing the manifold so this would be the easiest time to do it......bad idea now :(. Got #4 and #2 no problem, #3 was tight so I left it to come back but #1 budged a lil so I thought it would come out but it snapped :fp:. So now i'm stuck and now I guess I gotta wait cause I don't have an extractor tool.

My question is what is the BEST extractor tool for the job (that's not $100). I'd also like to do this without a torch since I don't have one but if I do then I guess i'll have to have my dads friend thats a full mechanic do it.

Thanks guys,


O and I did read a few threads on here about taking them out I just wanna get the right tool :D!