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I just got a 98 Mounty


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June 25, 2007
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98 5.0 Mounty
Hello all,

I used to be active in the forum a few years ago when I owned a 96 Explorer XLT. I have since sold it and purchased an 02 Mustang GT with 25k miles last year, and last week purchased a 98 Mountaineer with 65k miles.

This forum is great!


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welcome buddy

what your mounty specs?

whats your plans?

It is a rather basic model. It has the V8 and AWD. It is the red metallic color, not sure what it's called. Grey cloth interior. Overall awesome condition from original owner who always garaged her. Just a few minor things, like the liftgate lock actuator not always firing - any ideas?

I have owned a 94 green explorer v6 auto 4wd, and a white 96 explorer v6 auto 4wd. I drove them for tons of miles, and both were totally reliable and fun to drive, too. This 98 Mounty V8 is really a kick - I love the power and sound of the motor.

I think this is my 7th or 8th ford! They have all been great vehicles!

Welcome to Explorer Forum! Sounds like you have a cherry of a Mounty.

Thanks for the messages! I had been driving an old 90 Nissan pickup 2wd for work and stuff. The Mounty is a giant improvement!

Welcome from another Mounty owner & another Dan :D