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I just replaced intake and mass, what else should I do?


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December 9, 2003
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I have bought and installed a new Mac Intake and a Pro MASS for my 4.0 SOHC. I will be putting on new plugs and wires also. I see allot of questions about the cleanliness of engines like carbon build-ups and etc. Should I add something to the fuel to clean out the injectors before I install the new plugs or after? Should I do anything else to make sure my vehicle is running at it's top peformance? I am also going to replace all of the O2 sensors with new Ford ones. I guess you could say I am doing a full tune-up on her, but I just know that there is something small that I am missing to get top peak performace from my engine. I also purchased the Apten Flasher, so she should be running great. The reason I ask this is I see allot of questions on using seafoam and different products as such. I want to make sure she is clean inside as well as outside. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you done anything with the Exhaust yet? Just a thought.

Clean the injectors before you replace the plugs, otherwise that gunk you clean out of them ends up on your new plugs.

Trckmagik I got an 2 1/2 cat-back system from from John V before he left. It was there proto-type made by (I can't think of the name, not flowmaster). It has a 3" tail pipe also. Bates, that was the main thing I wondered. If I should do that before or after. Should I get some of that seafoam stuff and just put it all in a tank of premium gas and burn it all out? Then put all of the new stuff on, plugs, wires, O2 sensors, etc.

Will edit when the name of the new exhaust system hits me. I guess since it was there proto-type, I am the only one that has one, LOL.

Ron Am pretty certain EEs exhaust systems were Magnaflows

That's it. I had to run out to the garage to make sure, but it is a Magnaflow exhaust set with 2 1/2" exhust and a 3" tail pipe.

REonnie, give her a good Sea Foam cleaning through the intake and put some in the gas too.

Do you mean just the tip is 3"?