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I love using 4 wheel drive but.......


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January 10, 2001
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Farmington, CT
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97 Sport
This is getting out of hand! 10 more inches coming to CT this afternoon! The snow finally just melted in my yard from the previous storms! Temp hasn't been warm enough to even think about using all the new Zaino I bought recently, and to top it off I put the snow blower away for the season. :(

Sounds like it is time for you to move to arizona

Arizona is where its at, for sure. I dont miss the constant back and forth weather at all. I love snow, but I can just go up the mountain and play in it in the morning, and come back down and get 18 holes put away in the afternoon. Its great.:p

That sounds like the life. I could use some sun about now, just shoveled ice and snow off my driveway. As far as 18 holes, the way it's going, it will be mid May before the courses around here open up. It getting old hitting balls into the snow at the year round driving range! We had some warmer weather about 2 weeks ago, people were waiting 2 and three deep just to get a mat to hit off of.